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Artist Interviews

Delaware Fun-A-Day likes to delve into WHY people make art and HOW they do it. We've been interviewing our artists to answer those questions. Please enjoy learning more about our participants.

2018 Artist Interview - Julia Jay Hardman
For our last interview of the 2018 Delaware Fun-A-Day, Sheila Sunshine talked with Julia Hay Hardman how she "geeks out", her art upbringing, and photographing moving trucks. Learn More

2018 Artist Interview - Wendy Mitchell
We talked to bird lover and artist Wendy Mitchell of Talleyville Frame Shoppe and Gallery! Thank you, Wendy! Learn More

2018 Artist Interview - Lvon Yoder
New DEFAD organizer Sheila Sunshine talked to Lvon Yoder about his DEFAD projects, how he wants to "Spread positive energy always", and his penchant for bold color. Thank you, Lvon! Learn More

2018 Artist Interview - David Sanchez
We talked to David Sanchez, artist, musician, and co-owner of Wilmington's premier silk-screening and clothing store - Spaceboy Clothing - a one stop shop for locally made graphic tees, custom clothing, vintage goods, and more.  Thank you, David! Learn More

2018 Artist Interview - Pam Slaton
We talked to self-taught artist Pam Slaton about the mysteries of monochrome, tear-jerking commissions, the benefit of simpatico relationships, and JAWS! Thank you, Pam! Learn More

2018 Artist Interview - Pat Higgins
Welcome to the first interview of the 2018 Delaware Fun-A-Day Event! We talked to award winning illustrator and graphic designer Pat Higgins about setting yourself up for success with your DEFAD project, broken bones, and the inception of the ever-fun Oddball Art Hall! Thank you, Pat! Learn More

2017 Artist Interview - Randle Reed

Belated Happy 30th Birthday wishes to Randle Reed! We talked about kilts, tie-dye, extroverts, and why DEFAD is a triathlon for artists! Thank you, Randle! Learn More

2017 Artist Interview - Angela Cosenzo

Angela Cosenzo is an artist and tall ship sailor on the Kalmar Nyckel. We ruminate on whales, seasick cats, and local heroes Joe Biden and the Wyeths. Thank you, Angela! Learn More

2017 Artist Interview - Meredith Keating

2017 is Meredith Keating's SIXTH year of participating in Delaware Fun-A-Day! We talk about beards, connecting with millennials, embracing color, and her ultimate Star Wars dedication. Thank you, Meredith! Learn More

2017 Artist Interview - Jessica Lejserowits

Jessica Lejserowits [Lez-air-oh-witz] is a Delaware Designer & Illustrator. We talk about painting and sculpting food, wedding invitations, and how "You can't make everyone happy". Thank you, Jess! Learn More

2017 Artist Interview - Sheila Sunshine

2017 will be Sheila Sunshine's 4th year participating in Delaware Fun-A-Day. From empowering teens to improving herself, learn a little about "what's behind the cute". Thank you, Sheila! Learn More