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2018 Artist Interview - Pat Higgins

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Interview by Monika Bullette

Welcome to the first interview of the 2018 Delaware Fun-A-Day Event! We talked to award winning illustrator and graphic designer Pat Higgins about setting yourself up for success with your DEFAD project, broken bones, and the inception of the ever-fun Oddball Art Hall! Thank you, Pat!

It was great to watch your daily progress of your DEFAD 2017 project on your Instagram ( We love it when our participants show their daily work. Your finished project was a book named "The Android's Bewildering Conflict". Did you feel as though you bit off more than you could chew? Or was having a distinct end helpful? What preparations were helpful? What advice can you pass on for this year’s first timers?

It wasn’t more than I could handle, but it was quite a challenge. Having a distinct end was totally helpful, as was the planning. The preparations and planning were writing the book and doing rough layouts the month before. That made it so I could just focus on making the art and finishing a page every day. Advice to first timers would be to plan ahead so you can just work on your project every day. Also, posting your daily piece to social media helps to keep you accountable and on track to finish.

You had a rough start to the year - breaking your arm after a fall on the ice - how have you been accommodating your projects with your right arm in a cast?

The “regular graphic design” work is still happening. I can still click a mouse and type...Just a little slower than usual. As far as the illustration work, I had to cancel one project entirely due to deadline constraints and I was lucky enough to have three other clients postpone their projects until I get my cast off. I am going a little nuts not being able to draw, so I’m staring a podcast this week. I recorded the first few shows and I’ll be posting the first episode soon. Keep an eye on @phiggins80 on instagram for more info.

You thoughts on characters - should they have 4 or 5 fingers (including thumbs)?

Depends on the character and story. Is it more realistic or serious? Probably 4. Is it more cartoony and silly? 3. Is it an alien or monster? Could be 2, 3, 4 or 5!

Congratulations - you're going to be a Daddy! What are you most looking forward to about fatherhood?

Thanks! I’m looking forward to every bit of it. Mostly sharing my favorite cartoons, books and music with him.

You've made a bit of 3D artwork that requires glasses - what is your process?

The process for the 3D artwork is all in Photoshop. It’s about finding the right red and the right blue, separating the colors and shifting the layers. That’s the quick and dirty explanation. You’re not the first person to ask...maybe I’ll put a tutorial together.

What's the best swag you've received for a job well done?

Money. I like money. But cool stuff on top of that is great! Records, t-shirts, books, beer. I always try to include comp copies of whatever I’m doing into the contract. Which is one of the reasons I try my best to only work with people that make cool stuff that I would like!

If your bands Disaster Committee and Feral Ponies were in a tug of war - who would win and why?

Definitely Feral Ponies. Alex is probably more fit and in shape than everyone in Disaster Committee combined haha! Plus April would make me sleep on the couch if Disaster Committee won.

Top 5 artists you'd like a piece of work from?
Harvey Kurtzman
John Kricfalusi
Charles Burns
Daniel Clowes
Ralph Steadman

Delaware Fun-A-Day loves Oddball Art Hall - how did it start? How do you expect it to evolve?

My friend, Kristen and I were talking about putting together some kind of artist vending event for a couple years. One day we pitched the idea of a small, monthly event to Pat McCutcheon when we were at Oddity Bar. He loved the idea so we sat down, had a beer and hashed out what would become the Oddball Art Hall: Artist Vendors, Drink n Draw, music, hanging out talking to other artists. I expect it to evolve in terms of new artists (as it has over the last couple years) but as far as size goes, I’m cool with where it’s at. Maybe eventually we can do some bigger event at a different location once a year, but it think the whole “Punk Rock Flea Market” type of thing is a little over-saturated right now. Who knows?

Please describe the project you plan to make for Delaware Fun-A-Day 2018:

I have absolutely no idea. But I’m in! Just signed up.

See more of Pat's work at and see his project at Delaware Fun-A-Day 2018 on April 6 (7,8) at The Delaware Contemporary!