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2019 Interview - Ashley Messatzzia

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For our second interview of the 2019 Delaware Fun-A-Day, we talk to Ashley Messatzzia about her SIX YEARS as a DEFAD participant, doppelgangers, bar tending as artistic inspiration, and horror movie rivals. Thanks, Ashley!

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We like to know how people are connected to Delaware -  are you a resident, born and raised? What opportunities have you found here?

Technically, I was born in Chester, PA, but Ive lived in Delaware since I was 2. For being such a small state, I’ve found some great opportunities through it, including my degree from Delaware College of Art and Design.  

This is going to be your SIXTH year participating! Can you describe your favorite past Fun-A-Day project? 

I think my favorite project so far was my last one, the esoteric canvas work. It was so well received and it turned into a much bigger project after DEFAD. I’m still working on them and developing them today.

You seem to have gravitated toward portrait projects in years past. What is it about people as your subject matter that intrigues you?

Well, photography is my favorite medium, and I just seem to gravitate towards people in my work. It’s something about peoples eyes that draw me in.

Please describe your 2019 project "Doppelgangers".

"Doppelgangers" is going to be a portrait series in which "normal" portraits will be hand altered to become something else, something new, but still the same in a way. A doppelganger of the original.

As a well-seasoned Delaware Fun-A-Day participant, what advice can you give our new comers?

Don't over think it. It’s easy to want to do something big and extravegant, but remember that you’re working on one piece every day. Push yourself, of course, but just don't over think it. 

As a bartender at Bar XIII you must see a lot of strange and fantastical sites and meet really unique characters, can you describe some of your favorites? How has this profession worked as an inspirational tool in your artwork?

I've seen so many crazy and interesting things working at Bar XIII. We've had huge national music acts, midget wrestling, burlesque reviews... it’s something different every week. I'm actually going to be shooting a lot of people who work at and frequent the bar for this year’s DEFAD project. 

Tell us your top 5 favorite spooky things!

1. Halloween

2. Haunted Houses

3. Serial Killers/True Crime 

4. Michael Myers

5. The Paranormal

We can tell that you're a huge fan of horror movies. So tell us, in an Art Throwdown, who would win... Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees? And what would be their respective artist mediums/styles be?

Freddy Krueger, hands down! He lives in a dream world, he's constantly surrounded by surreal inspiration. He'd definitely be a painter. Oils, lots of reds. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

My husband Matt and I front the label Apollos Point, that’s what we do all of our work under. We are seeking to provide a wide variety of offerings, based on all fo the senses. Art, music, and more.

Where can people see more of your work?

You can check it out at and Instagram under Spookyphoto. Our website will be up and running soon.