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Hurrah (and Farewell from Colleen and Monika)!

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Hurrah! Over 190 artists and over 900 people in attendance on Friday night. Check out all the fun photos! Can’t wait ‘til next year. We hope you all stay inspired to keep up with the making!

It is time to say thank you and farewell! We are stepping down as co-leads and passing the Fun-A-Day torch to Meredith S. K. Boas and other organizers.

Organizing Fun-A-Day has been an honor and privilege. We love to be able to serve the artist and local community in Delaware. You continually impress us with your perseverance and creativity! Each year the show reignites the ambition and drive to keep Delaware Fun-A-Day alive another year. We took over the event from the original efforts of Leann Pedante (and many others listed below) and know that it will continue to flourish.

Speaking of supporters. We would like to personally thank again, EVERYONE that has been a part of this organization: the artists, the volunteers, the SpaceBoy Clothing staff, the Talleyville Frame Shoppe &Gallery staff, W Films, the Jerry’s Artaroma staff, the DCAD staff, OddBall Art Hall, and the Oddity Bar staff. For the annual event, we want to thank The Delaware Contemporary staff, the DJs: DJ Skinny White and DJ Zip, family, friends, guests, and James Newby for facilitating a new feature this year - the Print Your Own Tarot session. You each play an important role in making Fun-A-Day what it is. We hope you will continue to do so while it evolves.

We would also like to thank those that made this organization what it is today, our past and present organizers: Leann Pedante, Kati Driscoll, Valeri Hazzard, Alan Brown, Sheila Master, Sarah Houghton, Amanda Theil, Joy Smoker-Liedel, Kerri Fitzgerald, Felise Luchansky, Sarah Dressler, Steve Ellis, Meredith Keating, and Sheila Sunshine.

And with that, we wish the new organizing team all the best!
Cheers to 2019!
Monika and Colleen

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