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Delaware Fun-A-Day 2016 DAY 1!!

Added on by M Bltte.

Congratulations to everyone on making the Delaware Fun-A-Day commitment! (You are one of 166 participating in this COMMUNITY ART PROJECT!)

We encourage you to THINK SMALL! There are a lot of first-timers this year. Sometimes participating artists are ambitious with the ideas and frustration sets in. Advice - if you took on something too complicated or time consuming, scale it back, change it, stay motivated, don't give up!

One of the best parts of FUN-A-DAY is that it motivates you keep your creativity flowing all month long. Don't get discouraged - instead, consider changing your project, doing a smaller version. The only thing to remember is: if you change from 2-D to 3-D or vice versa, you must let us know, email us at !!!

Also- a thank you to everyone who has donated so far through our online donation link and the fundraising at Oddball Art Hall. The online donation link is active all year, make a donation anytime, and we will have our donation box at the event on February 5th. This event cannot happen without the donated funds, and if we keep growing at this pace, we will surely need funds for a bigger space!