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Fun-A-Day Show Postponed

Added on by Meredith S. K. Boas.

New Date to be Determined

Hey everyone, as the title of this blog states, we have made the decision to postpone tomorrow night's show at the DCCA until we can determine an alternate date. 

While postponing the event is not ideal, we did not receive enough volunteer response to help hang artwork at the show. Rushing through the hanging and staging of the show would do everyone a disservice. Putting up the show is usually a two day event - and hanging almost 90 artists over just one day is not logistically possible. Y'all make such awesome artwork and we want to ensure that as many people as possible can attend and that your work is well represented.

At the end of the day, we're 6 friends trying to put on a massive show and the weather is an element well beyond anyone's control. We're doing our best and trying to make decisions that are right for everyone and that's never an easy task. We appreciate your understanding, patience and continued support.

If you dropped off artwork to one of our volunteers, we will be keeping it safe and secure until the new time is announced. If you would like to coordinate a pick up to retrieve your artwork between now and the new show date (again, to be determined), please email Colleen at

Thanks so much. We'll keep you updated here, via Facebook and email as usual!

Kati, Val, Colleen, Amanda, Sarah & Sheila