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We're Almost There!

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Hope you are all feeling totally awesome and excited about all the work you've been doing! With under a week until the show, we wanted to update everyone on a few things:

It is critical that everyone abide by our size restrictions to ensure that we can hang the work of all 90+ artists. As a reminder, size limits are:

  • Photos, illustrations, paintings: Not to exceed 5x7 or 6x6 inches.
  • Sculpture, jewelry, crafts & A/V: You should've received an email from us. Please reply to this email with details on your project.

If your project exceeds these limits, we will only be able to hang a selection of your work.

This year, we have a few times to drop off artwork before and after work! The dates and locations are:

There will be no drop offs the day of the show so please make sure you can meet us on one of the above days. 

Please make sure all items include the following:

  • Name tag
  • Pricing
  • Hanging Supplies
  • Instructions (if applicable)

Project Pick up is on March 12th (Thursday) from 10 - 4 at the DCCA. If you cannot pick up from DCCA, you must arrange to pick up your work within 10 days.

As always, your donations make Fun-A-Day possible. Please click here to help support this event!

The show is free to the public, with a cash bar for persons 21+ on opening night. 
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Delaware Fun-A-Day Show
March 6, 2015
6PM - 9PM 
200 South Madison St. 
Wilmington, DE

The show can also be viewed during the DCCA's standard hours:

  • Sunday, March 8th
  • Tuesday, March 10th
  • Wednesday, March 11th

The DCCA has very kindly extended an offer to Delaware Fun-A-Day artists to sell their work at their 2nd Wednesday Art Lounge as part of a trunk show on March 11th from 5-7 PM

In order to participate in the trunk show:

  • Artwork must be priced 
  • You must be present at the event to take orders
  • You must be able to process sales

If you would like to sell your artwork at the 2nd Wednesday Art Lounge and will not be able to  attend, please email