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Putting the FUN in Fundraising!

Added on by Meredith S. K. Boas.

As some of you may (or may not) know, for the past two years, Fun-A-Day organizers have been paying the upfront costs for the event, with donations helping to alleviate some of the burden. The event has been growing larger every year and so, after much consideration,tThis year, we are asking our participants, family and friends, to help us make this year's Fun-A-Day AMAZING!

Fun-A-Day is one of the largest, all-ages, non-curated art shows in the entire state of Delaware and it's totally FREE. Free to participate, free to attend. While charging a fee would certainly be the easiest way to raise money, it would also mean creating a barrier for low-income participants.  This is why we're kicking off a fundraiser and - with your help - we can continue to put on this amazing community event. 

If you loved being a part of such an epic art project and show last year, if you enjoyed attending the event, or if you're in support of accessible and affordable community art shows then please visit our fundraising page and make a donation - every bit of support counts! The fundraiser will go on for 2 months in hopes this will be enough time to raise the money we need to make Fun-A-Day a success in 2014 and beyond!

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge everyone who has supported us in the past! Thanks so much to everyone who has provided financial, moral or volunteer support! Without you, this event would not be possible!