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Weekend Events!

Added on by Meredith S. K. Boas.

Hello Delawareans, Delaware-Enthusiasts and Enjoyers of Fun! We wanted to tip you off on a few happenings this weekend that you should check in to!


TONIGHT! A few of us (read as: Kati & Val & Sarah) of the Delaware Fun-A-Day team are going to be at 1984 this evening and we thought we’d invite you along. If you are not already familiar, 1984 is a really rad bar with awesome beer and games of the video and pinball style.

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get to know more about Fun-A-Day. Or, if you really want to participate in DE Fun-A-Day but you are still in need of an idea, this lovely beer-drinking, video-gaming duo will chat you up and throw some ideas your way!

So, pick your challenge: You VS Kati in X-men – behold her haphazard gaming skillz! You VS Valerie in IPA challenge – can you handle the hops? Or will it be a cat-lady cat-fight with you VS Sarah as you decide who is better – grumpy cat or lil bub.

Hope to see you at 1984 in Wilmington at 8:00 p.m.!


TOMORROW! Former Fun-A-Day participant and big-shot photographer of the month, David Norbut, is doing a photo-walk in Milford @ Bicentennial Park. The photo walks, which David and CineMavericks‘ Brad Wallace co-organize, always focus on interesting places and spaces. Come meet up with local mobile photographers and explore your community!

We  also wanted to take the time to shout out our registered participants & thank everyone who has shared the event. Between the new space for this year’s event and all the great ideas rolling in, everyone here is super excited about this year’s show!