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And… we’re back!

Added on by Meredith S. K. Boas.

First off, I want to thank everyone for their participation last year. The first ever Fun-A-Day was a huge success and there are so many friends, family members, volunteers and participants who helped make that possible! THANK YOU!

Secondly, as this blog title says, we are back in action for 2013! Fun-A-Day Delaware will take place in April with the group show taking place in May! While we get things finalized in terms of venue, duration, meet ups, press and more, we thought it would be nice to take the time to get some feedback from the community. If you were a participant in last year’s Fun-A-Day, please fill out our super short survey and help us make this another amazing Fun-A-Day event!


Speaking of surveys – we love this survey project from artist Mia Nolting. I think a Survey-A-Day would be an AWESOME Fun-A-Day project – especially for someone who is more creative with data than they may be with fine arts (raises hand slowly)!