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The information below is for information purposes only.
Please email if you have questions.


2019 Pick Up Information

Artwork is to remain at The Center for the Creative Arts for the full run of the exhibit.

You must pick up your artwork or make arrangements for it to be picked up. 

Your choices:

  1. I do not want my project back and donate it to the Delaware Fun-A-Day to use as fund-raising material.

  2. I will be picking my project up at The Center for the Creative Arts on Monday, March 18th between 9am and 6pm.

  3. I will EMAIL my decision to pick up my artwork from an alternate location (more times and locations coming soon). You will be able to claim your work at the following locations and times AFTER the show has ended:

    1. Monday 3/18/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

    2. Tuesday 3/19/19 - 9-4pm - The Art Studio - 310 Kiamensi Rd, Wilmington DE 19804

    3. Wednesday 3/20/19 - 9-4pm - The Art Studio - 310 Kiamensi Rd, Wilmington DE 19804

    4. Thursday 3/21/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

    5. Friday 3/22/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

    6. Saturday 3/23/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

Artwork that is not picked up or accounted for by the end of March 30th will be considered donated to DEFAD. Please communicate with the DEFAD organizers!


What are the size restrictions and how should I prepare for the show?

2D Work must be no bigger than 6x6 or 5x7 per piece at the MAXIMUM INCLUDING FRAMING. Think Small! All work needs to be submitted ready to hang, with hanging materials. Most work is not framed. The style of hanging is encouraged to be with painters tape, magnets, or thumbtacks on the edges. Please refer to photos of past exhibitions. If work is framed or mounted the frame and/ or mount must not exceed our size restrictions [i.e. if each piece is framed, the frame may not exceed 5"x7" or 6"x6". If all pieces are mounted onto one display piece, the entire display piece cannot exceed 30" x 36" size restrictions.] Hanging preferences should be included with submission (or discussed with the Fun-A-Day organizers, if there are questions). Please note that due to space limitations we do our best to display as asked, but may not be able to accommodate preferences. 3D work should be small and fit on a 3'x3' table. - please contact the Fun-A-Day organizers to work out how it will be displayed.

Digital media and written works ARE welcome and encouraged! For digital artists we have electric outlets to hook into and can display your work digitally via projector or TV monitor. For written works such as poems or passages, you can print them and mounted together for display. Want to read your works aloud for attendees? Reach out to us, we can possibly setup a space for you to do a live reading.

SELLING AND BUSINESS CARDS: DEFAD does not facilitate artwork sales, no art can be sold through the duration of the show. No business cards or other sale info, please. If you are interested in selling artwork after the show, the project label provides a space for contact information. Project labels will be made from your drop off form. We recommend including a cell number so an interested buyer can text you a photo and you can make arrangements. The artist can pass out business cards if they happen to be near there work, but the project label is the official information source. Artwork is to remain at The Center for the Creative Arts for the full run of the exhibit.

2019 Drop Off Information - March 1-6 (with volunteer option 11am-6pm on March 7)


Please organize your 28 pieces and fill out the drop off form/instructions and bring them to one of the locations below. This is very important, as we have a limited amount of time to hang A LOT of work. 


Organizers and wonderful people will be available to collect your work at the following locations and times:
(please check out the organizers' photos so you can recognize us -

1.     Friday 3/1/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

2.     Saturday 3/2/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

3.     Monday 3/4/19 - Time & Place Coming Soon

4.     Tuesday 3/5/19 - 9-4pm - The Art Studio - 310 Kiamensi Rd, Wilmington DE 19804

5.     Wednesday 3/6/19 - 9-4pm - The Art Studio - 310 Kiamensi Rd, Wilmington DE 19804

6.     YOU MUST sign up to volunteer to hang art and have been in contact with DEFAD, to bring your work on Thursday 3/7/2019
Thursday 3/7/19 - *LAST CHANCE or you will not be in the show!* - 10am - 4pm - The Center for the Creative Arts - DEFAD will be there!


All work MUST be ready to hang. You will include the written instructions on how you would prefer your work to be hung (drop off sheet coming soon). We will do our best to accommodate your wishes. If you do not provide display instructions/materials with your drop off, we will hang it as we determine what is most suitable to the space. We will be hanging with different methods (magnets and painters tape around and in back of the art, as to not damage it).

2D work must not exceed 6x6 or 5x7 per piece INCLUDING THE (OPTIONAL) FRAME. You may mount your art to a backing but this backing should not exceed 30"x 36" (for 6x6) or 30" x 35" (for 5x7). In other words, please do not put padding in between the pieces of art when putting on a backing. Title cards will be provided by DEFAD. 

3D and A/V projects should be in communication with DEFAD regarding their 1/2 table (3'x3' space) and set-up.
Digital Media projects in need of a TV monitor or projector should communicate with us directly as well.

OPENING NIGHT is Fri. March 8th  at The Center for the Creative Arts.
Additional hours March 9-10 (9a-1p), March 11-15 (9a-6p), and March 16-17 (9a-1p)