Make Art. Have Fun.

What is Delaware Fun-A-Day?
Fun-A-Day is a community-centric art project and show that happens in cities all over the country each year. Participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for an entire month. The 31 resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey throughout the month.

Delaware Fun-A-Day is not a formal organization or a non-profit. We are just a group of friends who were inspired to bring this event, which originated in Philly with the Artclash Collective, to Delaware! 

How much does it cost? 
Delaware Fun-A-Day is a free, donation-based event! This means that all of the expenses are paid by donations from volunteer organizers, supporters and participants. This is where we can really, really use your help. Donations help us to rent a large, accessible space (like The Delaware Contemporary), hanging materials and web hosting and enable us to keep Fun-A-Day free for the community. If everyone who participates makes a donation, the entire event can be fully funded for the year. We do not retain any of the money donated for the project, using it as a deposit for future events only.

When is the event?
The MAIN EVENT, when you are making things, starts September 1, 2017 and runs through September 20th! The show opens October 6 and runs through October 8th! Opening night celebration is from 5 - 9 PM

Where is this all taking place?
We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 show will again be held at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts. Previously, Delaware Fun-A-Day was held on Market Street, Wilmington in 2013 and at World Cafe Live, Wilmington in 2012.

Who is invited to participate?
Creative persons of all ages, skill sets and levels of experience are invited to attend. Delaware Fun-A-Day is (no surprise) focused on serving the Delaware community, but if you can have your artwork to us by October 3rd – you’re as welcome as anyone else!

What are the size restrictions and how should I prepare for the show?
2D Work must be no bigger than 6x6 or 5x7. Think Small! All work needs to be submitted ready to hang, with hanging materials. Most work is not framed. The style of hanging is typically push pins/ thumb tacks on the perimeter of work (not through!). Please refer to photos of past exhibitions. If work is framed or mounted the frame and/ or mount must not exceed our size restrictions [i.e. if each piece is framed, the frame may not exceed 5"x7" or 6"x6". If all pieces are mounted onto one display piece, the entire display piece cannot exceed the space that the individual pieces would comprise within the size restrictions.] Hanging preferences should be included with submission (or discussed with the Fun-A-Day organizers, if there are questions). Caveat would be that due to space limitations we do our best to display as asked, but may not be able to accommodate preferences. 3D work should be small - please contact the Fun-A-Day organizers to work out how it will be displayed.

I don't know what to do as my theme. What should I do?
Past participants have done everything from a painting of a dog a day, a photo of a place they love a day, a poem about something that irks them a day, an embroidery of a leaf a day, a drawing of a celebrity a day, a collage a day, an origami flower a day, a pattern a day, a cutout bird a day... look at our previous events to get some ideas. You'll be doing something every day, so aim high, but be reasonable!

Why should I participate?
So glad you asked! Ready for a Top 10 countdown? OK!

  1. Your art! In a show! IN AN AMAZING ART GALLERY!
  2. Want to sell your artwork, too? No problem. You receive 100% of anything you sell as part of the show – we take no commissions.
  3. It’s free to participate and free to attend!
  4. It’s inclusive. On every level.
  5. The sense of accomplishment you will feel at the end will be CRAZY! Whether it’s the thrill of FINALLY being done or the of excitement of wrapping up 31 totally awesome days of creativity.
  6. Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to completion! You can’t just say you’re going to work on your portrait series / new Etsy shop listings / photo portfolio / short story later. You’ve got a deadline!
  7. It helps break you out of a creative funk or dry spell.
  8. It gets you through the suck. Real talk: sometimes perfection can be a total productivity buster. By having a limited amount of time to work, you’re forced to accept things as they are – which is totally cool!
  9. Challenge yourself. Thinking creatively is probably easy peas for you. Making new art in 2016 – probably not much of a challenge. Doing a task for 31 days in a row isn’t totally impossible, either. But doing both at once? That's something.
  10. You will become part of a community. You may think we’re cheeseballin’ but you will get to meet so many new and talented artists that will keep you inspired the other 337 days of the year!

How can I keep up with goings on?
Sign up for emails - see past emailssee our Facebook - our Twitter - our Instagram

Where do I sign up?
Registration is closed at this time and will open in Summer 2017!

How to I get my work to the organizers for the show?
Soon we will be posting drop off locations and times in Wilmington, Bear, and Newark in early October. There will also be the opportunity to bring the work to The Delaware Contemporary (DCCA). Please contact the Fun-A-Day organizers to work out drop off if these times do not work for you.