Make Art Every Day!

What is Delaware Fun-A-Day?
Fun-A-Day is a community-centric art project and show that happens in cities all over the country each year. Participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for an entire month. The 30 resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey throughout the month.

Delaware Fun-A-Day is not a formal organization or a non-profit. We are just a group of friends who were inspired to bring this event, which originated in Philly, to Delaware! 

How much does it cost? 
Delaware Fun-A-Day is a free, donation-based event! This means that all of the expenses are paid by donations from volunteer organizers, supporters and participants. This is where we can really, really use your help. Donations help us to install the show, fundraising,  and web hosting and enable us to keep Fun-A-Day free for the community. If everyone who participates makes a donation, the entire event can be fully funded for the year. We do not retain any of the money donated for the project, using it as a deposit for future events only.

When is the event?
The MAIN EVENT, when you are making things, starts September 1, 2017 and runs through September 30th! The show opens October 6 and runs through October 8th! Opening night celebration is from 5 - 9 PM.

Where is this all taking place?
We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 show will again be held at the The Delaware Contemporary. Previously, Delaware Fun-A-Day was held on Market Street, Wilmington in 2012 and at World Cafe Live, Wilmington in 2011.

Who is invited to participate?
Creative persons of all ages, skill sets and levels of experience are invited to attend. Delaware Fun-A-Day is (no surprise) focused on serving the Delaware community, but if you can have your artwork to us by October 3rd – you’re as welcome as anyone else! Drop off times and locations will be sent to the participants and listed here shortly.

Don't forget to Read the FAQs!

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Volunteers help with things like: hanging the show, artist coordination, set up, break down, collecting donations, photography and attendance counting.
We use the hashtag #delawarefunaday to showcase participants and highlight work on the DEFAD blog, twitter, facebook, and instagram.
We will use this URL to showcase participants and highlight work on the DEFAD blog, twitter, facebook, and instagram.
Sale of Artwork
Please check the box below if you will be selling at the show. IMPORTANT - DEFAD will NOT facilitate or handle sales. You must arrange any sale with purchaser (be near your art or have contact information available for sales).
By registering for Delaware Fun-A-Day 2017, I declare that I understand and agree to the terms & conditions of participation and to release Delaware Fun-A-Day, its organizers, its volunteers, and The Delaware Contemporary from any and all liability and will hold none of these parties or individuals responsible for any damage to my art work resulting from vandalism, theft, negligence, wear-and-tear or other damage. I understand that the Delaware Fun-A-Day organizers and its volunteers will make every reasonable effort to protect and care for my art work, and I understand and accept that there is a risk involved with having my art work displayed in a public forum. I understand and accept that my work will be handled by the viewing public and wear-and-tear may result from such handling. Please type your name & today's date in lieu of an ink signature.