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Artist Interview Update - Sara Duncan

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Interview by M. Bullette

This is an update on Sara Duncan. This year will be her fifth year as a participant in Delaware Fun-A-Day. Sara's 2016 project is a new perspective on Delaware - from high above.

We know from your previous interview that you have lived in Delaware your entire life - can you tell us your favorite park, breakfast eateries, and local shops?
My favorite park is Carousel. I have been going there since I was a teenager, and I feel a deep connection to the trees and wildlife in and around the pond. I often start my day with a walk in the woods, and some of my favorite sunsets have been seen from there. I don't often go out to breakfast, but my favorite restaurants in the area include Domaine Hudson, Homegrown, and Rice.

What can we expect from you this year?
This year my project is called High and it will be a series of photos taken with my 3DR Solo quadcopter.

Tell us about your 3DR Solo quadcopter - what was your introduction to drones and aerial photography?
 In early September I became interested in drones when my best friend got a little toy one to fly around indoors. My interest peaked several weeks later when, while sitting beside Carousel pond, I wanted nothing more than to fly over it and be able to look at it from a new perspective. That afternoon I bought my Solo and I have been flying it as often as I can ever since.

You are seeing a video stream, how do you decide what your photo will be?
My drone carries a GoPro in a 3 axis gimbal and has the options to take video, photographs, or both alternately. I can view the scene on my control screen to line up a specific shot, or take video and pick shots out of it during processing. At this point I'm mostly looking for textures and variations in landscape. Fall was a beautiful time to be learning to fly and I have enjoyed watching the season change from above.

What would be your dream location to take photos with your drone?
I would love to fly over waterfalls such as Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, and Plitvice Waterfall in Croatia.

Do you fly in your dreams?
While I have not flown in my dreams, often they are in elevated settings like on bridges, thrill rides and mountaintops, and that perspective is one I have become eager to explore.

You'll be able to see Sara's work at the Delaware Fun-A-Day Group Show at The Delaware Contemporary on February 5, 2016 - Facebook Event

Delaware Fun-A-Day 2016 DAY 1!!

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Congratulations to everyone on making the Delaware Fun-A-Day commitment! (You are one of 166 participating in this COMMUNITY ART PROJECT!)

We encourage you to THINK SMALL! There are a lot of first-timers this year. Sometimes participating artists are ambitious with the ideas and frustration sets in. Advice - if you took on something too complicated or time consuming, scale it back, change it, stay motivated, don't give up!

One of the best parts of FUN-A-DAY is that it motivates you keep your creativity flowing all month long. Don't get discouraged - instead, consider changing your project, doing a smaller version. The only thing to remember is: if you change from 2-D to 3-D or vice versa, you must let us know, email us at !!!

Also- a thank you to everyone who has donated so far through our online donation link and the fundraising at Oddball Art Hall. The online donation link is active all year, make a donation anytime, and we will have our donation box at the event on February 5th. This event cannot happen without the donated funds, and if we keep growing at this pace, we will surely need funds for a bigger space!